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Unfortunately the County Cross Country Championships planned for January 2021 have been cancelled - letter from Chairman of the Staffs AAA Malcolm Hackney:

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Saturday 4 January 2020 - Staffordshire Cross Country Championships at Betley Court Farm

Revised men's results


Photos from Mick Hall

Photos from Bryan Dale

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Staffordshire Cross Country Champions 2020

Many thanks to Bryan Dale - www.racephotos.org.uk

National Rowe Staffordshire Champion 2020
U13 Boys: Nathaniel Rowe, City of Stoke 

Scartlett Williams Staffordshire Champion 2020 
U13 Girls: Scarlett Williams, Wolves & Bilston

  Gianni Loska Staffordshire Champion 2020
U15 Boys: Gianni Loska, City of Stoke

Sian Duval Staffordshire Champion 2020 
U15 Girls: Sian Duval,
Royal Sutton Coldfield

  Elliot Smoth Staffordshire Champion 2020
U17 Men: Elliot Smith, Newcastle (Staffs) AC

Ella Semple Staffordsgire Champion 2020 
U17 Women: Ella Semple, Birchfield Harriers

  Callum Abberley Staffordshire Champion 2020
U20 Men: Callum Abberley, Burton

Lauren Charlton Staffordshire Champion 2020 
U20 Women: Lauren Charlton, Newcastle (Staffs)

Alex Brecker Staffordshire Champion 2020 
Sen Men: Alex Brecker,
City of Stoke

Kate Holt Staffordshire Champion 2020 
Sen Women: Kate Holt,
City of Stoke 

Jamie Arnold Stafforshire Champion 2020 
Vet Men: Jamie Arnold,
City of Stoke

Lynne Hill Staffordshire Champion 2020 
Vet Women: Lynne Hill, Tipton Harriers

Staffordshire's athletic prowess goes back  a long way... 

"The people of this county have been particularly famous, and more than any other county in England, for good footmanship, and there have been, and are still among them, some of the fleetest runners in England..."  

from 'A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain' 1724-1726 by Daniel Defoe
. (Yes, the same man who wrote Robinson Crusoe!)

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